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Okay, so the rule was to post a selfie after 33+ likes. After this, people (the Vingle Kpop fam) determine which K- Idol we get shipped with!! So here is ma selfie XD aaaand i need help tagging people..again ._.
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uniee i ship you with kyungsoo of course and you know what i also think youd look really good with baps daehyun ^.^
@B2utyrisa Oh no it is purple:D It was blue then it faded to like a purplish color hehe So you are right ^^ Thanks btw(:
So pretty and your hair is so colorful!! I ship you with Kikwang!!
Thank youu!!!馃槉 And omg 馃槺馃槚 Kikwang....he is too much 馃槏 馃憣
@gijan0298 Thanks girl!! 馃槣 Kyungsoo 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 Ya know me...well of course becuase D.O is our bae of course 馃槀 And Daehyun, omo he has the cutest eyes 馃槃馃槏 馃憣