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THIS CARD IS NOT FOR IMMATURE OR SENSITIVE PEOPLE!! PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN MENTAL SAFETY DON'T VIEW IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. I found this article on fb from Koreaboo. I thought I would share the awesome photos with you all. Now, I know I can get a little mischievous when looking at hot guys....I mean who doesn't lol? Well, these photos can be seen as naughty. These are pictures of random kpop male stars who pants are a bit too tight.
Too tight is alright for my eyes lol
I wonder if they do this on
He's putting it all out there!
Funny how EXO has the most pictures of too tight pants! Heck I don't mind.
Do you need a hand with carrying your package Sir?
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@aabxo LMAO (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) good times
they MAY have stuffed it, I know some wrestlers do in order to seem like it's bigger than it really is. but. if it's really there...
if it's really there then dayum
You are my new favorite person for posting this!