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The 24-year-old tweeted the pic above -- the single cover for her song "Stay," from her "Unapologetic" album -- on Wednesday afternoon. In the photo, Ri-Ri is seen snuggling into the side of a man's neck ... and those tattoos unmistakeably belong to her notorious ex (or is he?), Brown. And it's for "Stay?" The photo elicited some pretty straightforward comments from fans, including "we're all tired of your obsession with this pathetic man" by Instagram user Badem_Sylla, and "Don't do it lady.. no way... STOP IT NOW! Let yourself be free... away from him. He's a trouble #Rihanna #problem #crihanna #NO" from Mengi91. Of course, you still have those who are (for whatever ungodly reason) on board with the coupling, like musseline27 who commented, "Cover for stay, is beautiful, and lovely. To me it shows real, pure amazing love from 2 people. Love love love you & @chrisbrown" cr: tf
right! they're deliberately doing this! like right on deliberate!
We are so tired of this breezy Riri chaos ..........
UGH! Will this madness ever end??/