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Hey vingle friends this is a fake vingle profile that approached to me this evening by sending me this msg. Which I know is a SCAM so I just ignored it.
An hr later this person made another FAKE profile and sent me the same email...PLP THIS IS A SCAM maybe to still info.... Please share with others or tag them.... BE CAREFUL!!!!
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shady... don't worry it might be a prank..
I just have to wonder why people think they need to mess up everything that's good
i got that message too!!!! thanks for sharing..;)
And just for future reference, to report users through mobile, there are three vertical dots to the left of a message box. Click that. It will allow you to block the user. This is also used for reporting. :) <3 ... You guys are super awesome for looking out. Have an AWESOME day!
haven't received one yet but im sure I will..there everywhere. .but easy to spot thanks to dum ass messages like can u not talk here..cant u speak one on one with eachother here..luv da post..gotta blow up there spot..