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This male model -- who are yet to be identified-- has been walking in numerous shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin -- wearing designs for both men AND women. He went shirtless during the Marc Stone menswear show, wore a stunning floral gown during the Leandro Cano show and then wore a wig and dresses for Kilian Kerner. This is cross-dressing, literally! cr:toofab
@Jewelatia95 wow, thank you.. that was beautiful.. now i feel sorry for what I said.. That's a great point you've made.. I didn't understand why they do this, but thanks for enlightening the issue! If this is their choice, and they actually like what they do.. then sure :D And yes, people don't have to be like everyone else, we can all be whatever we please.. :D
The women actually don't set their expectations to be like men physically, in fashion shows the ideal obligation is to be slender as can be to fit in the apparel, likewise I can tell you this there is a point to this type of modeling. I am androgynous myself, designers use androgynous models because these men don't get this type of oppurtunity occasionally, these men enjoy wearing women's clothing, whether you find it normal or not, they also set out a different dimensional being an illusion yet interesting, you can't change someone just by setting your opinion, in this case these men are being who they want to be, I wish there were more oppurtunities for androgynous modeling, because if there were, this world would be much more enlightening and welcoming to different personalities, not closed in to what they see in their regular everyday life and cut off anyone who seems to much out of the norm, you can be anything you want in this world, you don't have to be like everyone else be the trend setter not the trend follower, and stay true to yourself, because if you don't you always be hiding.
@shoenami I don't know sis. It doesn't make any sense to me. I mean...biologically, women are supposed to have a different body and shape than men, so why would you use male models? Honestly, it seems kind of cruel to me.
@YinofYang I agree.. why in the world do they need to use a male model for women's clothes? i just dont get the point!
Oh, I saw some articles about this. I think they talked about how there's nothing wrong with male models doing this, but it really is a blow for female models and makes things even worse. They're already starving themselves and doing dramatic things to keep their thin figures and then to use a sets completely unrealistic expectations on women.