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it's usually so hard for me to take a selfie so I had to go dig one up from a few months back hehe. I'm a little nervous. thank you for all the likes by the way!
You are so beautiful and I think you and TOP would be so stunning together that everyone would hate (in a good way, like when you hate someone because they're so beautiful) and love you at the same time.
Woah, you're gorgeous (*_*) I ship you with Jin from BTS I think you 2 would good :)
seungri from bigbang
youre soo pretty ^~^ ...if i was cupid id couple you up T.O.P. from Big Bang or Jackson from Got7 :o i think youd look good with either one :}<3
You're so pretty!!! I'm so bad at thinking of someone to ship someone with 馃槄馃槄 hmmm you're really nice and pretty and you're pretty funny too.... I would say Doojoon because I would think that he would be able to make you laugh a lot because who wouldn't want to see your pretty smile??!!
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