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I just want to talk about my two ultimate biases! Minho: This man is the reason I'm single XD I'm in love with his personality that it literally kills me lol. I love his voice it's like a river of honey. Plus I love tall people! His smile is absolutely gorgeous! Overall he is what you call my ideal type. Ravi: This man is my second bias. He is so cute when he wears hats! His eyes are really gorgeous! I love his voice! (If you haven't noticed I love deep voices lol) His aegyo is the best! His engrish kills me it's adorable XD! Man he is just awesome! Anyways sorry for the rant about my 2 ultimate biases lol. I'm thinking about coming up with a game or challenges soon.... so look forward to that in the future!! ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆