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This was the only pictures I could find of myself. Sorry if I look bad I don't like wearing make-up 馃槥 I was honestly really nervous about this because I have never posted a picture of myself anywhere. But I consider the Vingle community family, so I did it.
I cut my hair, and I'm getting it cut tomorrow again. Moreover who do you guys ship me with?
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I'm so happy thank you everyone, you all said someone who is on my bias list :) @AimeeH @aliciasalinas @laugh7love7live @B2utyrisa @yehet27 @katiems
hmm I think taeyang
You look sooo chic! lol I think I'm gonna have to say Eunhyuk or exo's Sehun. You guys would look so classy together :D haha
mblaq thunder ^.^
Seungyoon from Winner :)