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i got 33+ likes time to add my selfie
woooooo \(^O^)/
heres i am.....just kidding that my love suga okay okay real talk....
this is me.....just kidding thats not me ether hahah that my husband v okay okay serious serious
this one is me hahahahha........okay okay im sorry this was the last one i promise hahah.....rap monster...
person in the back:"just show was your selfie" me:"okay okay im sorry here is the real me" *post picture*
okay this is the real me (with strait hair tho)..........DISCUSTING!! hehehe.....(only good picture i had that was on my phone lol)
yup thats me........so i wonder who you ship me with im excited
hahaha im excited i want to know what all you guys think hahah :D
@AimeeH @caitlind9898 @B2utyrisa. thank you for saying im cute and pretty and adorable and @B2utyrisa awwwahhh bam bam heheh
@adorkabledolly awwwahhh really thank you....you just killed me ultimate bias right there
I would love to see how you and Hobi interact as a couple so I ship you with Hobi. I think you guys would be amazeballs together.
I ship you with Hobi oppa!
@AimeeH and @caitlind9898 ahhhh really. awwwAhhh hobi <3
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