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So I got to 37 likes so it's selfie time. @ErinGregory
My recent good selfie. You can eveb see the mole under my eye :3 ANYWAY Who do you ship me with?
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Taeyang is my number 1, the husband bias. RapMon is my number 2, he is bae ♥ GD and Suga need to sit their asses down because they give me feels and I can't handle it. XD Your ships though♥
Shinee's Jonghyun and BB's GD y^o^y Your hair and eye make up got me to pick them!!^^ I loove your hair girlXO
I ship you with 24k's Bigone (I think that's his name right?)
Holy shiznit, you're pretty!!!! There's so many possibilities! I agree that GD and Taeyang would be great ships with you! But instead, I'm gonna go with Kim Jong Hyun from Nu'est!
wow so pretty! I could see V from BTS or kind of any BigBang member haha ^^