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Thank you @justmeplz1998 for tagging me x) i seriously don't know 20 accounts so... @DulceZelaya @Montha91 @CristelaLoz sorry that's really all i can think of right now of those who may have not been challenged yet haha
A selca!? omg haha try not to stare too much at my beautiful ugly face lol xD
^^^I might look like this mmkay? sorry not sorry~
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@DulceZelaya lol no make it unique! I'll make yours sexy LOL
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@blockbvillains but i like my dreams of Block-B.... ugh find I'll make up story. would u like it with all the members or just PO. ohhh i never send u the mini short vampire situation i send to Daniella.
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@DulceZelaya why am i always out of the loop? If you have the time ALL if not just P.O is fine with me~ seeeennnddd me the mini vamp story!!!
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ewwww school will get in the way but I'll find time for it. its really short just let me find it an copy it so i can send it to u.
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@DulceZelaya ugh i know haha mmkay~
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