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I officially got 33 likes on that card, so here I am to share a few selfies with y'all. P.S. I have to search all the way in the dark reaches of my iPad. So prepare for a little evolution of me!!! \(^o^)/ P.P.S. I like sharing pictures, so I am sharing a lot with you all.
Awkward freshman me... Glad this is over.
Long hair was my thing. Then BOOM haircut sophomore year.
I judge my evolution by haircuts. This is the cut I had for a while.
Then me in the Netherlands/London.
The BAM another haircut. Quite different this time. Then it grew out. And this final picture is where I am right now. :)
So let me know what you guys think!! I'm sure you all can come up with some sort of twisting bias ship with me and whoever.
I'm sure everyone I could possibly tag has already been tagged, considering that this thing swept through the Vingle Kpop community like that black plague decimated Europe in the 1300s.
While I appreciate the female ships, I actually am gay, so ya know... (^_−)−☆
I ship you with F(X) Krystal or Amber
*Foot in mouth: I will walk away quietly face-palming myself*
Oh I like @VixenViVi and her Jackson pick, but I'm feeling Sehun for my fan girl heart lol.
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