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Challenge Yourself: **RESULTS** (Drumrolls)

Seriously, I think this is the first time you guys will see a picture of me... but first let me put a little bit of my favorite group to show you how I normally am.... hahaha lol ㅋㅋㅋ!
room temperature...
warm... half way there...
Hot.... Almost there...
Boom... You are here. Wait, I'll zoom out a little...
wow... all these ships... i didn't think I get many responses but thanks guys... and thank you for the complements... @BlockBVillains ikr... it always has and always will... jaja but I mean, I love my curls no matter what! you feel me?
@MinionPeach17 oooooooh damn you came in like LAVA lol I ship you with every Block B member xD
@Princess2328 thanks for participating c: ... oh and I know it says to tag 20 people but some many people were tagged more than once so it didn't know who to tag so I chose to tag random people to make it more interesting, plus not everybody know 20 people to tag
@SHINeeIngGirl this is my card... and that's all you got to do...
@SHINeeIngGirl awww thank you... you need to create a card yourself, but you need to put the picture of the challenge on that card and tag people you know, people who haven't done the challenge or people from different kpop communities... after you post it you just need to wait to get 33 or more likes and once you get then you need to do the challenge (post a selfie) and then the people from vingle will ship you with who they think is right for you!
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