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I got to admit I didn't think I would get to the 33+ score, I'm so amazed
Anyways, are you ready??
Are you sure????
Okay....... here goes....... *drum roll*
THERE......aren't I gorgeous??? lol jk
*sigh* okay I'm going to do it........don't look at me >Δ<
BWAHAHAHAHA this the real me, I'm the Sparta Queen x3
*cricket sounds* really??
I'm serious, it's time.......
THERE OH MY GOODNESS, UGH (/ω\) That's me.......
I had fun doing this challenge :)
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ohh I think you'd look good with Zico for sure! Maybe Jimin from BTS too~ ^^
I could see you with Seungri! :)
Ken from vixx :)
Zico or P.O
I think Vixx's N or B.A.p's Daehyun would look perfect for you hehe