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During Koreas "70 Years of Independence Sinbaram Festival" Block B was performing Very Good and H.E.R but what caught the audiences attention was P.O's Jacket that had Japanese words on it. The full article you can read on the next slide with the link. I'm sad that it had to happen to P.O but he apologized so stay strong P.O! Fighting!
How can you not forgive this silly maknae~
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@MinionPeach17 Forever a BBC <3 It was a mistake. He's human too :) love for the maknae <3
@BlockBVillains Exactly... I just hope Koreaboo's page, netizens or articles don't use this to judge BLOCK B and P.O.
@MinionPeach17 i totally agree with you! We don't need negativity since they've been through enough.
Yup... hopefully it just goes up to here... anyways... BLOCK B Fighting!
BBC Fighting!