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so. this is the first card I'm making since I joined here.
little bit of sexy
some humor
and a little cute
here's two pics of me (really couldn't decide so put both) let me know who you ship me with.
@VixenViVi @janatd93 @shashae5296 @BlueBear07 @XeraV @SunnyV @Shilolobun @DianaCastaneda @B1A4BTS5ever @JessicaChaney @najalong1998 @FabiolaGavina (just tagged some people who have popped up in my notifications) thanks for tagging me @MinionPeach17
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Oohhhh I'm thinking Jay Park!!! 💜
50 points for providing lovely pictures (´∀`) I also would ship you with Jackson or Jay Park :)
I could see P.O from Block B or TOP!
I'm sorry I didn't realize that I didn't comment lol. You look lovely and I agree with Erin Gregory I can see you cuddling up with Jay Park xD
lol thanks @aliciasalinas and @najalong1998 and all y'all chose awesome people. I'm grinning from ear to ear