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That's awesome coming across a post from some one far younger than yourself listening to music that you listened to when you were a teen. Awwww the heartbreak of hearing that Kurt Cobain died. It was unbelievable. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I didn't break down crying like half the generation at the time did, I was just shocked. Memories of when I first heard Teen Spirit filled my head. It was freaking awesome. Goosebumps... Goosebumps everywhere!!! The guy I was dating at the time seen my reaction and asked if I was okay and if I liked what I was hearing. I was glued to TV. He went on to tell me that he remembers hearing them playing around Seattle before they made it big.
Some will say it was the greatest time of their lives. It was the saddest time of their lives when Mr. Cobain died (we were not on first name bases, so it's either Mr. Cobain or Kurt Cobain) and a great artist was lost. To me.... He was a man who lost to his demons. Music was his outlet but after a while, that probably wasn't enough. They made great music, powerful and somewhat inspiring. They were to the 90's generation, what My Chem was to the generation a decade ago (yes, a decade ago). I was a fan and appreciated what they had to offer. Every sound, every lyric, every note but it faded with time and age. I find myself listening to them every now and then, nostalgia hits and BOOM, Teen Spirit is playing.
It amazes me though, my daughter started listening to them even though after my children were born I had moved on to Godsmack (that's uncle Sully to them), they grew up listening to Voodoo and Moon Baby. Nirvana found its way back into my life through my daughter who had no idea that I already knew who Nirvana was. So...
So... to that time in my life when things were so confusing and life seem to be rocketing into the future, whether I was ready or not, and to that boy that stood at my side even when I neglected his feelings (may you rest in peace, I think of you every day), and to that other dude that gave me a beautiful and loving daughter... To the friends long since gone... and to my niece that wrote that post on Facebook... Sarang hae <3