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So I honestly love it here. I was thinking that I might do things on certain days (ex: Music Monday). The K-Pop family is really close here so I was thinking of being more involved here and I have ideas! So far I have: •Mashup Mondays (I love my mashups) • K-Pop Idols Cover Wednesdays (I love it when idols do covers) •Fanart Fridays (I love to draw even though I'm not the best) •Scenario Saturdays (I love to write. yes. i do write fanfics) • Throwback Thursdays K-Pop edition (newly added) I will post older videos of idols and their music or variety show clips >< I will do my best to go through with all of these. I do admin for a lot of pages on FB and I do marching band, so it does get me busy. I just don't want to forget about being here ^^ so tell me what you think ^^ you can request now for anything you want~ or just message me (: I will make seperate cards for requests though
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Welcome to the community!!