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The one and only non-living thing that kept me alive during summer is shaved snow.
If you traveled to Korea during summer, you'll notice the weather is extremely humid and you may even encounter a weird "rainy season" aka 장마. Rainy season starts around July and ends around August. I am writing this as the rain is pouring outside my window. The weather was literally sunny this morning, then all of a sudden the sky was layered with gray clouds.
I'm not bitter. I just feel bleh. Imagine yourself in room feeling humid and sticky, and the weather is gloomy.
The best thing that can brighten up my space right now is a bowl of "wicked snow" AKA the best dessert ever invented.
This was taken at the beginning of the year when I went with a bunch of friends. I hope the rest of the crew can come back soon, so we can have round three!
Honestly, last week I had a 'small' bowl (three days in a row), so I'm holding back from getting one today. But I'm so tempted to get one because it's so good! The texture is different from shaved ice.

Shaved snow is light, feathery, and normally coated with milk or condensed milk.

Just think of a spoon of snow melting in your mouth! It's a cooling sensation.
Have you tried shaved snow? What's your experience?
@gigiandviking I actually like the fruity ones (raspberry, cheesecake, and condense milk). Red bean is the most popular but I think it's too sweet for me.
What are the best toppings?