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Thanks for everyone who liked my card and who wanted me to show my face! haha. Hearts out to all of you! (*^^*)♡

Anyways, here I am! |▽//)

By the way, the first two are older pictures.

Aka before I cut my hair.... Haha.
Long hair ^^^
Short hair ^^^

And my first selfie in my college dorm! I moved in yesterdayyyyy. D:
Okay! So that's me. Now.... I'm really nervous what you all are gonna say...

It doesn't have to be just k-pop idols but also actors as well!
I had a lot of fun doing this! (*^ω^)
Now.... I wait. xD

@swaqmasterbecky Haha. Thank you! And Doojoon!! :D
youre so pretty omgomg lucky u!!! i ship u with doojoon!!!
I'm glad u said you didn't mind if it were a kpop idol because I pictures you with Nam Joo Hyuk.
i can see you with Seokjin from BTS!
@StephanieDuong I'm glad! hahaha
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