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Hey guys so my FAVORITEEEE Anime/Manga is NANA!!! I love the storyline and the characters so much! It's also the only Anime I've watched over 50 times lol So I was wondering what Anime/Manga is your favorite??? ^^
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Hmmmm I'd have to say Black Butler ^_^
@jannatd93 You should! it really is great. I watched it so many times and still cant get enough of it :)
My favorite is a manga called kare kano or kano kare. The author really developes the characters and felt as though i was growing with them.
@deilig OMG I LOVE KARE KANO!!!! :D
@DulceZelaya Paradise Kiss is another favorite of mine as well 馃榾 I've read all of Ai Yazawa's Manga except for Gokinjo Monogatari. I just watched the anime version of it xD