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If you dont know whats going on just swipe right on the photo above to find out :P
If you swiped right (or if you didnt) I now tag you to also do this challenge
I got 33+ likes so I shall now stop rambaling about nothing and get to the big reveal :D
......yea thats me You guys can now block and report me for public disturbances lol FunFacts: ●I like animals....alot ●My cat hates me ....alot (He doesnt like selfies, hes just not a fan lol) ●Im really that second photo. Yea thats a bag I found, In Walmart. .....yes I just put it on my head, because idk lol. ●And to explain that last one, I was invited to a Gypsy party. (Not a turn up party!! It was of a hangout sith friends, sip tea, in gypsy costumes kind of party)
So I dont look like ^^^ (Honestly Im sort of glad I dont because then id never be away from rhe mirror)
Half of the time my face is one of the beautiful expressions ~(^.^)~
So one thing remains.... To ship or not to ship that is my question :D (They can be from any kpop group male or female, I wont get mad) I will still be look for other challenges like this so dont try to hide from me, i'll be looking for your face too :P
@kyungsooselbow you just made my life ♡♡ Thank you :D
i see you with GD! 💜💜💜
hmmm. idk y but I'm seeing you and zico from block b
I ship you with V from BTS 😊You both seem like kids at heart 😃 That young, always happy couple!! 🙌
You're cute!! :D I ship you with Jimin!! p.s. my cat hates me too xD
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