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As many of you know this lovely specimens birthday is coming up so we decided its finally time to share something with you.....
the rumors involving Gd and that model are false, now thats you've picked your jaw off the floor I'll tell you some more....
Those rumors were made up to give us some space , thus bringing me to the news....Me and GDragon are dating*hears gasps around the world* I know. I know its crazy and I should have told you guys sooner but we just wanted our privacy so we didnt tell anyone amd we just lied about who he was dating to avoid any drama. I know you guys maybe shocked and upset but we wanted to tell you now since his birthday is coming up and since we've been dating for a few years things are getting pretty serious. Just know that Gd loves you all and even when we do get married sometime in the future we want you guys to be happy for us and support us as we go
We love you guys and please dont tell any press , paparazzi or news crews this is just our little secret lol
I just died of laughter
And the Win of the Day Award goes to...@Marilovexoxo!!
@ParkMeiFan @CrystalBlunt 😂😂gotta make the people happy
Omfg!!! This is hilarious😂😂