So I was just chilling at my papa's house and I was bored doing work for my school korean culture club. So I attempted to draw loco beautiful self but I only had a pen.(Im horrible at drawing with pens) so here is my failed attempt.
The more i look at it the more I want to fix my mistakes but noooo I did it in pen sighhhh
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@SashaLove that's very true. Sometimes I like to because then I have to work with my mistakes, but I usually don't when I'm using a reference.
@shannonl5 yeah I usually rather sketch them out first with pencil and then ink it ^
@SashaLove that makes sense! I'm still trying to get back into drawing... I don't have as much time anymore as I used to and I need to get the drawing muscles back in gear!
@shannonl5. Agreed. goodluck! Fighting
@SashaLove thank you! You as well ^_^