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You may think nobody hates Mondays more than you, but think again. These ugly-ass babies I found at New York City's premiere fine art museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (or The Met) may have you beat.

When your alarm goes off Monday morning, and you just want to crawl into a hole and die.

When you get to work and one of your co-workers is talking so loud, you'd think they were in a night-club and you almost bring yourself to shush them, but you're too tired to follow through.

When someone takes the last of the coffee and you look on with a brutal combination of sadness and anger.

When all of your co-workers ask you if you want to get lunch together and you're just like: "I'd rather chop my own arm off and eat it, because it's Monday."

When 2:00P.M. comes around and you're going to get coffee, suddenly everyone in the office becomes your best friend.

When one of your co-workers leaves early for an inexplicable reason and you're just at your desk like, "huh?"

Yeah that's you down in the corner there. You don't get to be held on Monday.

Somehow, you get through it all, Monday is over, and you're just happy to be alive, but can still feel the steely presence of the Monday's of the future.

Come on...that guy in the corner? Obviously the physical manifestation of Mondays. How do you feel on Monday? Which baby are you?
hahaha @jordanhamilton you are so right. NO MORE MONDAYS hahaha.
@jordanhamilton and he's right!
this was great! I'm all the babies. like a man told me earlier coming into work, "there will be no Monday's in paradise" Happy Monday! :)
lol very accurate
Friday's are always good with me! :) @buddyesd and I can def always do without Monday @TerrecaRiley @TessStevens
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