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My Challenge Yourself Selfie~
So I'm a bit shy >< haha. I'm trying to change that though~ I reached 33+! hehe. I'm quite surprised~
This was me with my long hair~ I kind of miss it... but it was just too much for me >< this was during band class
This is me now~ with shorter hair >< So who do yoy guys ship me with?
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youngjae got7 and just saying I have the same headphones and basically the same shirt and ur rlly pretty too!
I wanna say infinite's dongwoo! I think he'll make you smile and laugh and omg you guys would be so cute!
thanks to all of you~ @AimeeH yay! @nykechun I can see it @warjeensuleiman oh gosh. i love him. he's one of my BTS biases @kpop2001 i love him so much! one of my Got7 biases and thank you~! @adorkabledolly yay! he already makes me laugh ><