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Honestly, I didn't expect this 2 months ago when I was finishing up my last exam, but here I am now making a card about how much I desperately want to start studying again.
I have just finished my A Levels. Although I will be starting university life soon, I just don't know when. I need to get a scholarship to start studying in october, but if I'm unsuccessful (which is most probable) I'll start studying by January the earliest. I can't wait that long.
Having some time to relax is fine. Being on holiday is totally OK, but when you're broke and watching the same shows everyday, it gets tiring. I've realized this isn't the holiday I imagined. I actually miss doing assignments and late night studying. I feel like I'm rotting at home wasting my life, if I'm not in front of a textbook making notes and understanding stuff.
Is this a normal side effect of 'studying too much in school'? Am I just too used to school I can't enjoy a good holiday? Please feel free to comment similar experiences so I can stop worrying about myself and I don't have to seek professional help.
@rodiziketan hahah I just feel like I should be doing something with my life
I have tons of studying to do for the next month and I would so like to be you right know. It is a good thing people are different, cuz I could never imagine me, craveing for studying.
you have tons of great acticities, not including studying