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Challenge Yourself: Selfie time!
So Yea I've been debating on what selfie to post and couldn't find any good recent ones. I was hoping to go out today so I can take one, but I haven't. I didn't want to take one with messy hair and pajamas >.< hehe. So I just decided to post older selfies.
Soo nervous! Mind you, I'M NOT a good selfie taker. I hate taking them But anyway, these were all taken from March to May.
Two more just in case
So there you go, Ship away~ I'm excited to what you guys will say
And now I wait
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Before I begin, holy crap you look like ariana grande! You're so freaking pretty! On that note, I think you'd look good with Jonghyun from SHINee. X3
Ty, so much! You're so nice hehe. @ReddViolet And YESSS Jonghyun was my first love from SHINee...still is though...
omg 馃槏馃槏馃槏 you're gorgeous! wow. you would be perfect with hongbin or lay 馃槉
@kyungsooselbow Ahohoho, thank you 馃槒 You're so kind! I'm not familiar with HongBin, but I find him very attractive! Like, those arms though, and dimples 馃槏 And yay~ Lay is my love. He's such a cutie pie. Thank you for giving me guys with the cutest dimples!