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so more of an older guy, mmm interesting.
a clean fresh smell and taste is what she wants when kissing a man.
I agree.
does he have a fetish for armpits.
I'm fluent in english and somewhat smart ^^
well I'm not getting on his list anytime soon.
Is he a masochistic????
I have both kekekeke.
This is why we love Zico
o.o awwwww, I'm never going to b in TOPs list. boooooo!!!!!
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ that's kind of cute
Lol I loved this post. Kim bum soo has inflated since Of self. On barefoot friends he had an impossible list of qualities for his ideal type.
I would fit on 6 1/2 of oppas lists
I fit janj gi ha, joo won, and zico's type im ok with either 3 lol
Bipolar is a serious disorder...kkkkkkkkk I LOVE THIS!