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So it just hit me that I have one more week of summer. And I don't like it.
This is probably going to be me on the first day of school. Ahhhhhhhhh. No more watching B.A.P throughout the day. No more random naps. No more dying because of B.A.P.
I will feel like this in some of my classes and when trying to get to my next class.
Some people will get on my nerves.And some people will make me want to go to another planet.
But I will be able to survive the prison that is known as school because of my friends. @StarBabes is probably going to calm me down now. And she will take over @B1A4BTS5ever job of scaring me out with her fangirling. And she will make me join in with the concerts that she will probably do during lunch.
And people will look at our group of friends like are they okay. But we won't care.
Leaving Youngjae here.
@B1A4BTS5ever you ain't moving