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Hey everyone! These are some nature pictures I took while being out in Korea. Most of these were in Seoul. The last one is a waterfall I hiked to near Pohang. It was amazing! I will post a video of one of the waterfalls I got to swim in. :)
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There are also the ancient tombs that look like mounds. It's where the old capital of Korea used to be. You can find a lot of shopping places in Seoul. If you want to travel not too far out, go to Gangnam, Insedong, or Itaewan. Ooohhh! Go climb up Namsan Tower in Seoul! It's the highest point in Korea! You can take a thingy to get up there but I hiked there with my sister! It's totally worth the view! Bring a LOT of water! !! @allischaaff
Well, I guess so. What are you interested in doing? You have to go to Namdaemoon for shopping at some point, that's for sure. Myung-dong is not that far away from Namdaemoon so you can visit it on one day. Try one of the palaces too. The weather will cool down from next week. I like An-kook-dong area too. Gang-nam is too crowded and too crazy but worth visiting. Actally I took my friend to Lotte World (amusement park) when she visited from LA, and we had a blast there! ^^
Ahhhh @felicityautumn that all sounds amazing!! :D Thanks so much for your recommendations, I am writing them all down lol. I will definitely check out the Korean War Museum, I agree that learning about the history of a place you visit is always so important. The mounds, Namsan tower, the butterfly pavilion, SHOPPING... it all sounds so wonderful! :D can't wait to go. I'll hopefully post some pictures too when I get there :) thanks girl!
Oh wow @danuki99 thank you, those all sounds amazing too!! I can't wait to go and experience all these beautiful places for myself XD thank you for your recommendations!!
My pleasure! Hope you have a great time in Seoul^^ @allischaaff