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So after checking out all my ships, the most ships I received was with B2ST's Junhyung (Rapper). OMG. Let me tell you, that I love Junhyung ok? As you can see by my username, I am a B2uty, so Yeah. Anyway, I was bored and decided to make edits of all the idols I was shipped with. Like I said I was bored. Anyway below are all the idols I was shipped with and original image after each. These are in no particular order I just felt like putting numbers for them. Pls Leave feedback if you would like your own edits or wallpapers and if they look funny weird or nice please feel free to converse amongst yourselves. Anyway, Thank for shipping Junhyung!!!!
1. Jin - BTS
2. Eric Nam
3. Tao - EXO (Yes I know but I had to put EXO ok?!)
4. Hyunsik - BtoB
5. D.O - EXO Love love love DO omg seriously I just love him so much hes so adorable love him omg bless the person that shipped me with him. Lol
6. Eunhyuk - Super Junior
7. L/Myungsoo - INFINITE
8. Gi-Kwang - B2ST I like barely did anything to this pic as u can see becuase it was LITERALLY perfect to begin with.
9. Kai - EXO It says "Dance to Your Own Beat" cause I didnt know what to put but it looks a little blurry. Sorry...
10. The Winner (?) lol Junhyung - B2ST
Dont think this makes Junhyung my bae though!!! Cause I will forever (?) be Jacksons wife ok? Anyway why does Mark always gotta edit my pics and put his face instead. Seriously. Whats he got against me?! JK The edit looks so obvious too OMG!!! **Thanks to everyone below who shipped me. This was great fun: @netchtibates @stephanieDuong @szewwy @b2utyrisa @sharayahtodd @sugajin94 @eringregory @reddviolet @emealia @katiems @baileykayleen @adorkabledolly @aimeeH @devonarce @b1a4bts5ever
@B1a4bts5ever of course u can take my amazing idea!!! Lol. Sure go ahead and enjoy!!! Thanx for ur tagging help. Lol
@adorkabledolly HAHAHAHAHA. U helped too. Lol. I knew I could trust Vingle Fam. Ur comment so funny. HAHA
You were shipped with HOT guys! haha
@devonarce I use Picsart.
Wow these edits are really amazing? Do you have a specific app you use to do them? If so which one please?
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