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I was told by two people to watch this anime as they watched it with me as Kirin and Jenni Bon (@starberry) as Ryou in their minds! I was not disappointed when I watched it, the show quickly won me over with the love for food Ryou and Kirin share, as well as for each other.
Photos by Yenra Photography and Bread!
I purchased all of my fabric off of, the blue and white are both kona cotton! For the skirt, I used Sparkle Pipsi's pleated skirt tutorial after my first failed attempt on my own. Then, I altered the patterns I had just made for Shiro for Kirin's blouse, sleeves, tie, and collar.
I made my own bias tape! Yay!!! I should get one of those little metal things you pull fabric through to make the process easier, but it was fine--just a little time consuming.
When I go back to this I want to definitely fix the sleeve cuffs (shhh we don't talk about how they're sewn on...)! And I want to do different makeup, and trim my bangs even more!
I love Jenni very dearly, and look up to her just like how Kirin does to Ryou. So being in character wasn't hard at all for us, we really were just ourselves. And that's the best part of cosplaying for us :)