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So I saw @sanityscout introduction post and thought it was a really cool idea! (I also may steal it for the kpop community haha) So here goes: Here is my edited version because @poojas was starting the Intros again and mine was so outdated and boring lol so here goes... again lol
Hi I'm Courtney! I got started watching anime as an Elementary school kid coming home after school and watching Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Tenchi Muyo before my mom made me do my homework haha. Sailor Moon was definitely my favorite for a while and that love spread to InuYasha. (I'm glad they brought back Toonami, but the old shows they played on Adult swim on Saturday nights were awesome. like Lupin the Third, Case Closed, Trigun, Death Note, Blood +, Wolf's Rain ~and I could go on~!) Seems like the shows they have now are so terrible.
Some of my current favorites are: 1. Naruto Shippuden This is my favorite anime! I'm still watching it. I think I'm a bit like Hinata ^.^ 2. Attack on Titan Gah I love this anime!!!! it's so good!!! I can't wait for the second season! ! 3. InuYasha Some loves never die lol 4. Another So dark gory and creepy but still awesome! 5. Cowboy Bebop I haven't seen Every episode, but I still really like the anime 6. Black Lagoon It reminds me of Cowboy Bebop but way more bad ass lol 7. Samurai Champloo This show was so awesome. I wish it was longer 8. Avatar: The Last Airbender YES THIS COUNTS!! lol just ask @MattK95 9. Durarara This show was so random!! lol I'm afraid to watch season 2 because I heard it was done by different people
10. Death Note and Blood+ both get honorable mention because I haven't finished them, but I really liked what I saw.
There are so many anime that I still need to finish. .. and so many that I haven't even started. Omg I need to lock myself in my room for a month or two!!! haha
Well I hope you enjoyed my Anime Introduction! I can't wait to see all of yours !!
Woohoo! Thanks for doing a edited intro again for us :) @biancadanica98 @caitlind9898 @BPF1916 @AimeeH lookiee we have an anime community veteran who redid an awesome intro :D
@poojas sure this was fun to do again :)
This is an awesome intro! Have you seen Ghost in the Shell? @DanRodriguez and I both really like it, and it looks like we all share a lot of common likes (Bebop and Samurai Champloo all the way!!) and that was a REALLY good one on [as] around the same time.
This was awesome, when you listed of your current favorite, you got me with the Inuyasha pun. LOL TO GOOD!