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This was extremely fun to partake in and I must say that those who shipped me will forever be some of my most favorite people. I was thinking last night that it would be fun to make a card about my ships, but @B2STANG88 beat me to the punch! She's gonna receive credit for the idea! Let's Begin.
The first ship was One of my Biases Mark from GOT7. . . There's a funny story behind this pic up there After @SarahWise @B2utyrisa @B1A4BTS5ever Said we'd look cute together. I had a bright idea to look up a smile pic of Mark. When I clicked on it to go full screen on my phone, my phone decided to Fangirl and Faint for me. I now have a huge crack on my screen. So somewhere, there were underlying feels I never knew existed until last night!! Definitely was not ready!
2) I have to thank my Doll Baby's for this one!!! GIRLS I LOVE YOU! ^~^ @Taijiotter @najalong1998 JOONEE HAS FINALLY SET SAIL! Did I mention that he's gorgeous and dreamy??? No, well he's gorgeous and dreamy!!
3) Is Ravi from VIXX @VixenViVi thank you so much for this Ship! I love you so much too! *Hugs and highfives*
@katiems Shipped me with BamBam FROM GOT7 and CNU B1A4 ... MOST DEFINITELY CONTENT with this. Thank you dear! While Bambam needs to be a tad bit older, but I appreciate the ship regardless! ^~^ BamBee I love guys with glasses btw, and CNU is extremely handsome & sophisticated looking!
@poojas shipped me with my Bias from EXO XIUMIN!!! Thanks so much my dear!! ^~^ (>^~^)>
@StephanieDuong @VeronicaArtino @adorkabledolly Shipped me with my Lovely Bias Seungri from BigBang!! You three ladies deserve hugs as well!!
The lovely @baileykayleen Shipped me with Yugyeom. He's extremely adorable!! Thank you dear.
So thank you to all who shipped me!
Disclaimer: I only own this pic here ^ I do not own any of those pics or gifs used in the previous Sections!
@aimeeH HAHAHAHAHA i doubt ill get credit for it gurl. Mines were just a bunch of edits. And OMG i still cant believe u got my ultimate bias Seungri. Anyway great post!!
@AimeeH No problemmmm. You deserve everyone on this list and more. You're so pretty and have a great personality! :D
@StephanieDuong :D thank you dear! Especially for the Seunmee Ship!! XD
@AimeeH I actually had to look up the lyrics to that song because I'm awesome like that.
YES for all these ships!! :D
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