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This is the area around the explosion sites. People are rushing to clear toxins that could react with the slightly acidic rain before it happens this week, as that could cause dangerous gases to release causing more harm and casualties.
I showed some pretty scary videos last week of big explosions that happened in port city Tianjin, but actually, the explosions aren't over yet.
It seems the facility where the initial round of explosions happened is still experiencing high heat, and due to the water mixing with various chemical compounds being held there (such as sodium cyanide, which isn't flammable or explosive but remains stable in high heat and is extremely toxic).
There have been at least 8 smaller explosions following the bigger one (though nobody will report clear numbers) and firefighters have been pulled form the scene countless times because officials do not know what chemicals are being stored there.
I want to give a better update about this situation, but due to the nature of the media in China and official information being confirmed/not confirmed, I can't even figure out what's really going on.
I hope to find out more, but it's really scary to think about the number of people who may end up with toxin caused lung damage or other sickness because the proper protocol was not implement or followed, and evacuations don't seem to have been done even in the initial explosion area. Well wishes to everyone out there...

@nicolejb same. though it seems the chinese govt is doing what it can to block info
wow I didn’t even hear about this! crazy! I hope we do get more info as time goes on.