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Hey! Que Tal amigos! I'm so lost here. I've seen posts about this game called "challenge yourself". All I know is that we are supposed to post pictures of ourselves, tag people, and then I think ppl are to say who we would match with. I'm tagging @poojas @stevieq @ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @PrettieeEmm
This my profile picture. I'm trying to look grown as heck! lol.
This is me trying a some makeup tricks.
This is the face I'm known for making lol. I'm always being pouty to get my way lol. #cutrbratprincess
This is me trying to be cute lol. Idk what I was thinking in this first picture letting my hair go natural lol. Give me a flat iron please lol! I miss my braids those! SO WHO WOULD I MATCH WITH? PLEASE COMMENT! FYI EVERYONE KNOWS I PAPI GD.....I'M JUST SAYING LOL....BUT ANY NICE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE WELCOMED
@ErinGregory I know what style you are talking about. I would say do some research then consult with a stylist. Thanks @B2utyrise. I love Taeyang too! Thanks for your feedback 😄
hmmm I'm shipping you with either Rapmon or Taeyang 😁 BTW I really like your hair!
I'm the same and thanks. I might just get a bang and go back to black hair...or maybe some deep fall like highlights. Idk @ErinGregory
@amobigbang Awwwww really? I love it long but I bet you could pull off any hair style! I keep thinking I want to do something weird with mine, but then I have a mild panic attack lmao I don't do well with cutting it hahhahaha
@B2utyrise I'm tagging you. @ErinGregory I'm glad you got ur stuff back
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