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Hey! Que Tal amigos! I'm so lost here. I've seen posts about this game called "challenge yourself". All I know is that we are supposed to post pictures of ourselves, tag people, and then I think ppl are to say who we would match with. I'm tagging @poojas @stevieq @ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @PrettieeEmm
This my profile picture. I'm trying to look grown as heck! lol.
This is me trying a some makeup tricks.
This is the face I'm known for making lol. I'm always being pouty to get my way lol. #cutrbratprincess
This is me trying to be cute lol. Idk what I was thinking in this first picture letting my hair go natural lol. Give me a flat iron please lol! I miss my braids those! SO WHO WOULD I MATCH WITH? PLEASE COMMENT! FYI EVERYONE KNOWS I PAPI GD.....I'M JUST SAYING LOL....BUT ANY NICE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE WELCOMED
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@amobigbang, it's because I came home xD
I'm the same and thanks. I might just get a bang and go back to black hair...or maybe some deep fall like highlights. Idk @ErinGregory
@amobigbang, I love the red but in kinda biased because I'm ginger lol I think blue or purple would be really cute too! If I had thick hair, I'd shave a bit off on one side so I could leave my hair down and no one would notice.. or flip my hair over and have that look where that side looks shaved. It's hard to explain, but the video I had seen was really cute.
hmmm I'm shipping you with either Rapmon or Taeyang 😁 BTW I really like your hair!
@ErinGregory I know what style you are talking about. I would say do some research then consult with a stylist. Thanks @B2utyrise. I love Taeyang too! Thanks for your feedback πŸ˜„