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I feel like I haven't seen much volcano activity in the news for quite some time now and now there's possibly two big events going on. Crazy. I don't know much but if you know anything else share with me; I'm curious about these kind of events.

Ecuador: Cotopaxi Volcano Causes State of Emergency

A state of emergency has been declared because of increased activity at Cotopaxi. If something does happen, this would give the government more funds and greater mobility to take some action if needed.
There were two small explosions before the weekend at the volcano, sending ash into the air and surprising people. 400 people have relocated voluntarily.
Cotopaxi is one of the world's highest active volcanoes, but it hasn't erupted since 1940, so it's difficult to say what an eruption would be like. Hopefully, the increased activity will not lead us up to an eruption!

Japan: Sakurajima Volcano "Ready to Erupt"

This volcano erupted in August of 2013 as well. It pretty much constantly erupts, but a bigger eruption seems to be coming. People in the area have been told to evacuate as there have been more than 800 tremors in what seems to be the build up to an eruption. The number of people asked to evacuate isn't huge (just 77) but it's still an interesting event.
The volcano is located near a nuclear reactor which, while build to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis, always has a possibility to be damaged by natural disasters. It doesn't seem that this will turn into a big event, but if the eruption is large, Kagoshima city (pop 600,000) is 10km from the volcano and the Sendai Nuclear plant is 50 km from Sakurajima Volcano, so those could be effected.
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