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Hahahaha the title sounds like if im have bit put in a box and have been shipped away hahahaha anyways......
so i got shipped with a lot of people....9 dudes... whoa hahahaha
and here are the results.....
My top ship was drum roll please............*drum roll*...........TAEHYUNG a.k.a V *does a turn and then a peace sign* Yay!!! hehe this really cool im like dying i cant believe it hahaha he my ultimate bias and mostly everyone shipped me with him ughhh *dead* hahahaha (7 people shipped me and him)
my second highest shipping that was very very close im not even lying if one person would had him me with him he would be in my top next Taehyung i got.....*drum roll*..........JHOPE....*does jhopes dance* woooo hahaha awwwwahhh hobi hes my bias wrecker awwwahh hobi (6 people shipped me and him)
my third highest shipping was not close to my first or second but it also did get a lot was ...*drum roll* ....SUGA *does sugas flower dance* haahaha suga my baby he is my ultimate bias wrecker so funny thing is these top three are the main people i fangirl over in BTS im not even kidding so when i got these i died like no joke hahahaha (4 people shipped me and him)
My fourth highest sipping was....*drum roll*....NAMJOON *smiles and shows my dimples* awwwwwahhhhhh my namjoon i love him so adorable i cant (2 people shipped me and him)
now those where my top four people i got shipped the most with ......awwwwahhhhh they where all from my favorite group of all time hahaha YAY!! hehehe
okay now here are all the ones i got that really didnt reach more than one shipping so only one person shipped me with them
BAM BAM awwwwahhhhh bam bam one of my bias wreckers in got7 (1 person shipped me and him)
JACKSON my bias in got7 i died when i got jackson (1 person shipped me and him)
TAEMIN awwwahhhh taemin also some one in my bias list awwwwahhhh (1 person shipped me and him)
JONGHYUNG awwwahhhhhhh jonghyung i cant (1 person shipped me and him)
HONGBIN awwwahhhhhhhhhh my baby awahhh (1 person shipped me and him)
and lastly SUNGJONG awwwwwahhhhh sungjong
love you guys bye bye <3 :[]
oh and @B2STANG88 for giving me the idea
@AimeeH same lol haha
I approve of the ships!
Lol @B1A4BTS5ever you're too cute.
@B1A4BTS5ever ok do you want to be tagged
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