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So...since I only make cards when I'm tagged, and I want to participate more. If you need like a wallpaper, a cover or something like that, comment and I'll help you. (Some of my works are up there!)I'm a rookie and still is, but I like to learn more. You can tell me how big or small you need it to be and I'll help! So to be more specific, here's a starter : -title and name(if you are making a cover) - picture of who or what you want it to be of - types (such as simple, complicated, or blended) - layers (I can take a picture of, say a natural background and blend it with a certain person or thing. It means how many pictures you want me to lay in) Thank you, and constructive critisism is welcomed. :)
This is really cool! Do you use photoshop? @biancadanica98 @caitlind9898 @AimeeH @BPF1916 @SunnyV @BlackXShield @DanRodriguez @Kamiamon you guys should check this out :D
Noice~ Keep working hard it's good for a rookie tho :D
@poojas I use some editing apps. I don't think they count as photoshop..
I loved the pics you made! I'll definitely reach for you when I need to do something like that if that's okey ^-^ I'm really not good making those ahah
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