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I was inspired by the Selfie Challenge to do another type of shipping challenge, but this one is a bit different. As you know the Selfie Challenge based all the shipping soley based on how one looked. (All you guys looked amazing by the way.) This challenge is based more on personality. It's simple, all you have to do is answer the questions listed below. Your answers will help the Vingle Fam decide on which K-Star you would be best suited for, based on your personality that shines threw the answers to the questions. Easy right? In a way the Vingle Fam is becoming your celebrity matchmaker.
The questions!!! 1. In five words or less describe how you view yourself. 2. Describe your perfect first date. 3. In five words or less describe how your friends view you. 4. Describe the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. 5. What are you passionate about? 6. What is your biggest pet peeve? 7. What words do you live by? (favorite quote or your motto) 8. What do you do with your free time? BONUS! Because I want to see more y'alls beautiful faces post another selfie. This is totally optional though.
I thought this would be really fun to do, since everyone had so much fun pairing each other up with people who would look good with them, maybe they would have fun taking on the matchmaker approach to shipping. Tag if you decide to do this, so I can see, and tag all the people you want to put to the challenge. HAVE FUN!!
@glostick I'll tag you right now in mine!
Is it okay if I copy and paste the questions onto my card just in case someone might be interested in doing this but haven't seen your post? I'll make sure to give you credit, however! :)
I'm so going to do this!!! c;
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