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1. Obsessive, smart, caring, girly, sweet 2. We would go have a picnic under the stars and stargaze after we're done eating. Then we go for a walk and just talk to get to know each other. At the end of the date he takes me home and when we say goodbye I kiss him on the cheek. 3. Crazy, caring, weird, loveable, loyal 4. He would be smart and funny and kind and caring and hot and handsome and loyal and able to make me laugh when I'm angry or about to cry and he'll also be cute enough to not have to do aegyo but when he does it is totes adorbs! 5. I what to help people get better or help the have as much fun as they can. 6. People who don't respect others like if a person is talking and people aren't listening and talking over the person. 7. "You have to be who you truly are and love who you are to be beautiful." CL
First picture is of me without glasses the second is me with my glasses
Maknae Kim Hyung Jun from SS501
I think you and Youngjae from Got7 would be good together.
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