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1. How I describe myself: Shy, funny, determined, Self-confident, lucky 2. Perfect first date: baseball, kiss cam, dippin dots, vegan chili cheese fries to share 3. How Gabe (friend for 3-4 years) describes me: loving, wise/smart, funny, captivating, cool ("most definitely cool." His words.) 4. Ideal S/O (I'm pan, btw): androgynous, competitive, determined, funny, MUST love batman and baseball. 5. What am I passionate about?: I honestly believe that I'm too young and inexperienced to have a real passion. 6. Biggest pet peeve: I really hate it when people make too much unnecessary noise. Clicking pens for no reason is literally the worst and I will hurt you. 7. My motto: if you can't duct tape or hot glue it, you're screwed. 8. My free time: I usually listen to Seo Taiji and play around on Photoshop. This challenge is by @SarahWise and I was tagged by @AimeeH
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@Taijiotter Yes he will!!
@AimeeH *evil laughs*
Lol love your title!
@HairConfetti all of the credit goes to @SarahWise ! :D