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Challenge Yo Self! Selfie Post!

For your ships >.<
I'm a dork and here is proof! DorkSquad <3

Give meh yo ships!!! Boys or Girls welcome XD this is shipping after all!

@DianaCastaneda Awww he is adorbs! @AimeeH Yayayyayayayyayayyayayayyayay Gahhhhh Id die @SharayahTodd D.O is so cute and Hoya is a bias wreaker so yes XD @adorkabledolly Awww thanks! I feel like he'd pick out all my clothes XD @B2utyrisa @B1A4BTS5ever OMO Jackson <3 @szewwy You my friend are wonderful @Emealia Thank you!! and YES more Daesung! @nykechun Awwww I love him XD @ErinGregory You You .... I .... I .... I will love you forever XD Kyungil completes me
Um I ship you with myself XD
1. Your hair is long af, I love it. 2. Daesung
@LaurenAntoine Yayayyay Another Key <3
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