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1. In five words or less describe how you view yourself. Complicated, fun loving, hyper, easily excited, random. Yes I know that's more than five lol. 2. Describe your perfect first date. Going for a walk while holding hands either in a park or on the beach 3. In five words or less describe how your friends view you. Emotional, obsessive xD, shy, funny. 4. Describe the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. Someone with a kind personality who can handle me cause I'm kinda a lot to handle lol!, has the same interests and is just honest in general. 5. What are you passionate about? Music, reading, wanting to be an author 6. What is your biggest pet peeve? OKAY I HAVE A LOT: The sound of dry hands, the sound of someone smacking their mouth, constant whistling, people treating me like I'm five, people begging me to do things, people not respecting when I say no 7. What words do you live by? (favorite quote or your motto) Honesty is the best policy 8. What do you do with your free time? Watch music videos/live videos, read, write, talk to friends, swim Who would you pair me with :D
@majesticx J-Hope of BTS!!!
@sharayahtodd darn another i dont know
hmmmm... I would say Myungsoo from Infinite
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