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I was introduced to BTS via a good friend of mine and ever since I've been obessed. My bias of all time is probably Kim TaeHyung or V. This boy is literally gorgeous with a capital G.
My obession only grew over time as I begin to follow their programs such as weekly idol, AHL, BTS BOMB etc. Each allowed me to get to know the boys better. And my love, my sarange okay, for this boy is like over the top; which I'm sure all kpop fans can understand.
Before BTS, as my friend put it, I was a complete "YG Stan", this which I'm proud of, and I only listen to mainstream kpop. But now post BTS I was able to open up to more kpop genres and was nomuuu glad because I realized how much I've missed out in kpop.
My first impression on TaeHyung was "damn this boy resembles Baekhyun!" But as time progress and my sarange grew I realize that there are so many differences that separates the two.
For example this.
and...this. Little corky and alien things he does just tugs on your hearstring.
I guess the real message I'm trying to convey here is that I'm thankful for my chingu and BTS. And also V is love, V is life.
I love v too he is so cute and would love to get to know him it looks really fun to hang out
You have no idea what it's like to love this kid.... Its so frustrating when netizens accused him of something that was just a misunderstanding. I really wanted to smash the heads of those fans who lived in Korea. They have NO idea what its like to be an international fan. They have it easy while we don't.
Oh by best friend u mean mwa. Aka ME. I know i am amazing. U welcome!!! @xinnim
I love V too
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