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in this challenge you answer the questions and by that people will ship you with a k-pop idol 1. in five words or less how would I describe myself shy, funny, Idk what else 2. describe your perfect date not much maybe going to the movies or just relaxing and getting to know each other doesn't take a lot to make me happy 3. in five words or less how does my friends see me I got two of my friends to answer I one said funny, caring,crazy,outgoing and two awesome girl 4. describe your idol type boy/girl tbh I don't really have one cause no one is perfect but I would like someone nice who will love me and won't cheat funny 5. what are passionate about music I love it, its my life and wanting to meet bts 6. what is your biggest pet peeve when people eat with there mouth open and stand next me 7. what words do you live by some people are worth melting for lol (was watching frozen) and be with the people who bring the best of you then the stress of you 8.what do you do with your free time I listen to music, read, hang out with friends, get on vingle
sorry if this was really long hope y'all like it and the person who cane up with this challenge is this lovely person right here @SarahWish hope y'all do it
Onew from SHINee
thank you guys and @SharayhTodd Idk who that is but I'll go look him up
sungjong infinite
You and Onew would be an awesome couple.