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I'm gonna do the matchmaker challenge cause it's an awesome idea!!! 1. Strong,independent, nurturing, funny 2. Perfect first date, I've never been on a real date so this should be interesting... I would say going to an amusement park would be a perfect first date cause I love rides, fair food!!, and you get to talk when you wait in line. 3. Tall, funny, athletic, strong, brave 4. Someone who cares about their health and appearance, makes me feel protected, some one on the tall side of life lol, and is carefree 5. My track career, singing, and becoming a teacher 6. Biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn't respect the people around them 7. Your days are like pages the chapters unread, you have to keep turning your book has no end 8. Train and exercise, watch tv, sleep, hang with friends, fangirl!!!!
Ooh this is complicated I am torn between Choi Minho and GD
I think Jackson from Got7
Yes I agree with @Taijiotter
200% Choi Minho!
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