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★キャットブローチ ¥4,860 税込。
★オーロララインストーン☆ネックレス&イヤリングセット ¥21,600 税込
★ディズニーミニーパール風船ブローチ ¥7,560 税込
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Make Your Special Day of Life Memorable and Unique With Custom Wedding Rings
With custom jewelry services you can have the most stunning and exotic designs of jewelry whether rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more. Wearing beautiful accessories is usually liked by many people regardless of age, color or culture. All across the world, different styles of vintage and luxury jewelry are extremely popular among people. In fact, those who are fond of jewels always seek unique and outstanding designs via distinct means of sources. However, the beautiful jewelry available in the stores is not so uncommon. But, if you want completely a unique creation for yourself then opt for the customization solutions. Custom jewelry makers can fulfil all sorts of needs. They can create a beautiful piece of jewel that solely belongs to you only! So, if you are looking for unique and exceptional engagement then considering custom design services is the best option. They have plenty of unique designs including 3 stone art deco engagement ring, 6 pong art deco engagement ring, floral hummingbird ring, art deco milgrained, art deco solitaire, asymmetrical, bypass halo, art deco halo, east-west engraved split shank, diamond and sapphire floral and many other styles of engagement rings that you can pick from. If you are inclined to vintage designs then a vintage floral ring is perfect. These are the most unique designs crafted by their creative craftsmen. They use beautiful diamonds and sapphires with a spectacular arrangement. And, its pear shapes form the leaves of a flower. For you, they can customize this engagement ring by setting other precious and colorful gemstones of your choice. So, they can modify the design to your taste. And above all, if you have your own design idea or an image of the ring but you won’t find it in the stores then you can rely on such professional custom jewelry makers. For you, they will design custom engagement rings as per your handpicked design, gemstones, colors and metals. They offer a variety of metal options including palladium and platinum, white gold, yellow gold, Rose gold, sterling silver and many more. Thus, your dream jewelry will surely turn into a wonderful creation! You can have their services for designing custom wedding rings. They offer some exceptional wedding ring designs both for men and women. For women, they have come up with vintage cathedral solitaire rings, floral design, hand engraved art deco halo, Rose gold diamond ring, scrolled solitaire, milgrained halo ring and many more. For men, they offer exclusive designs like batrimonial wedding rings, bevelled superman, bevelled comfort fit, avengers’ infinity gauntlet rings, ancient skull and diamond wedding rings and various other exceptional wedding rings designs. If you like any of the designs from the available collection, give them a call. However, to make your wedding ring the most unique one in the world they can modify the design as per your recommendations. And as like engagement ring, if you have your own wedding ring idea then, let them know. Their experienced and innovative craftsmen exactly pen the design to turn your idea into a reality. They are laced with the latest technology uses tools like CAD designing and other latest software. And, they have a team of amazing craftsmen, stone setters and engravers dedicated to creating a stunning masterpiece of your dream!
How To Be A Successful Wholesale Jewelry Distributor In 2022
There are numerous new opportunities emerging in wholesale jewelry industry, becoming a wholesale jewelry distributor seems to be very profitable nowadays. This is especially true with the rapid growth of ecommerce, which has brought lots of jewelry retailers springing up. Jewelry is in high-demand all the year round, there are always huge consumer base for the jewelry industry. For most people, jewelry has become an indispensable part of daily life. If you want to seize the wonderful opportunity of online ecommerce to make more money, then becoming a wholesale jewelry distributor is absolutely an excellent choice. This article will lead you into this profitable jewelry business field, and to see how to make profits in this highly competitive business environment. Follow us, let’s get started! What is wholesale jewelry distributor? Simply put, a wholesale jewelry distributor acts as a middleperson between jewelry manufactures and retailers. As a wholesale jewelry distributor, you can earn profits by buying jewelry in bulk from jewelry manufactures and then sell them to retailers at higher prices. Therefore, sourcing the affordable bulk jewelry with good quality is very essential to you. Become a wholesale jewelry distributor: business model In the market, there are mainly two types of business models you can choose: Business-to-Business Model (B2B) Business-to-Customer Model (B2C) For B2B, it means that you sell the bulk jewelry bought from jewelry manufacturers to the jewelry retailers. For B2C, it means that you sell the bulk jewelry directly to the customers. There are different advantages and disadvantages of the two models, before making investment in the wholesale jewelry market, you can take them into consideration: B2B model can be good for making more profits, because you can have large orders from retailers and build long-term relationship with them. However, the main disadvantage is that, you may need more investment at the beginning. B2C model has lower startup costs, which is budget-friendly for most business starters. Meanwhile, you do not need to have large stock space for jewelry storage. However, it may be not so profitable than B2B model, because you sell directly to the end customers. Become a wholesale jewelry distributor: jewelry niche If you want to become a competitive wholesale jewelry distributor, then the right jewelry niche is very crucial for your competitiveness. Not only can it determine your target customers, but also determine your business plan, promotional activities and so on. For example, if you are going to enter the kids jewelry wholesale business, then what you need to do is to do researches about the main competitors and opportunities you can get. That is also to say, your jewelry niche, to a large context, determine what kind of population you need to cater to, and create plans to attract them. Become a wholesale jewelry distributor: online storefront After you have a detailed business plan and know what you are going to do, to sell your bulk jewelry online, you need to create an online storefront. You create your store on the B2B eCommerce marketplace, or you can build your own website. In terms of the B2B eCommerce marketplace, it would be easy for you to get more attention from your customers. However, in terms of your website, you may need to find the right ways to drive organic traffic but you can have more controls by yourself. Become a wholesale jewelry distributor: promotion Promotion can be a key part of making you a successful wholesale jewelry distributor. There are three things you need to consider: Brand image First of all, having a clear impressive brand image is very important for your business. As a wholesale jewelry distributor, you should let your customers leave a deep impression from your brand image, some key factors like jewelry images, logos, descriptions, beliefs, website content etc. And all of these things should be targeted at your main audience. Promotional channels Secondly, make full use of the promotional channels. To better gain a competitive edge in this market, you can make full use of various kind of effective promotional channels, like social media, search engines, email marketing and newsletters, online networking, contacting jewelry retailers, offering discounts and marketing campaigns etc. What you need to remember is to send your business information to the right people at the right time. Meanwhile, if your content stands enough to get people’s attention in your products, then it can drive traffic, sales, and long-term loyalty. Long-term relations What’s going to make you a successful wholesale jewelry distributor is your ability to build strong long-term relationships with your customers. That is also to say, provide good customer services. There are various ways for you to achieve that, like, quick responses to the questions from your customers, keeping an eye on the comments and feedbacks on your social media accounts, having interaction with your loyal customers etc. Final Words Success does not come overnight, becoming a wholesale jewelry distributor will take plenty of efforts, but you can be successful as long as you move with the right direction. If you are not sure which jewelry supplier to cooperate with, Jewelrykg can always be your most reliable friend. You can contact us with the code JV9263Q4 to enjoy a lower price. We understand that purchasing jewelry can be a complicated process—especially when you’re running a business. We’re here to simplify things for you by offering the widest selection of jewelry at the best prices possible. Meanwhile, we have a diverse selection of jewelry styles, and it is updated every day to meet your wholesale purchasing needs. All the hot-selling jewelry from us are of the same type in each package, and all wholesale jewelry by weight products have integrity, no rust, no oxidation which does not affect your retail plan, allowing you to get higher profits from it! Thanks for reading this article. Hope this article is helpful to you. Whatever problems you have, just drop us a comment below.
Top 10 Korean Jewelry Trends Fashion Ladies Should Follow in 2022
Are you interested in knowing about the top Korean jewelry trends for ladies? Well! I am here to talk about it in detail. So, let’s start. Korean jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry in design and texture. It's not about gold, silver, platinum, or any other piece of jewelry. Many people are asked to bring jewelry for their loved ones when they go to Korea. Jewelry has always been in the dominion of women. Here I have listed the top Korean jewelry trends in 2022. Please have a look at them. Sculpture Earrings: This year, you will find Geometric-shaped earrings in the top Korean jewelry trends. They are unique and sophisticated. You can make your outfit a work of art with ethically made Sculpture Earrings. The popularity of metal jewelry with sculpture is expected to increase in 2022. Sculpture jewelry designs, rings, bracelets, and necklaces are influenced by everything from classic Greek works to polite potatoes, which are made in ceramics or coarse textures for small artwork to decorate the body. They are usually made in gold. Rose Gold Rings: Nowadays, rose gold rings are the top Korean jewelry trend. Like a rose, gold expresses luxury, thanks to its association with precious metal and its common use in jewelry. Gold symbolizes wealth, so rose gold is often associated with style, beauty, and wealth. For a feminine palette, use rose gold with white or cream. The color also looks great with lilac used with other shades of soft pink or with complementary shades of blue like green. It even flickers with a smoky blue or soft gray. Animal Shaped Jewelry: Whether it's the big scorpion collar in Balmain or the charming fish hanging from necklaces in the Dior, Korean jewelry designers have come up with some way to add animals to their jewelry. As 2022 has fallen, we noticed a lot of celebrities wearing animal-shaped jewelry. The pieces looked whimsical and sharp - adult upgrades from your childhood accessories—animal-shaped jewelry available in different metals. Statement Chokers: Statement chokers can be styled with any outfit, and you just need to take care of your skin tone and personality. In the recent runways, we notice the chokers in the necks of the models. So they are also in the latest of Korean top jewelry trends. Therefore, this year find elegant chokers to wear with your V-neck sweaters and knitted cardigan in the fall of 2022. It looks like the theme of accessories is big or going home. Imitation Pearl Jewelry: Pearls are also a significant part of Korean jewelry. White pearls look very different from each other. Some have yellow or gray colors, so you can choose pearl necklaces to compliment your skin color and existing jewelry. If your skin color is warm, yellow, brown, ivory, or champagne-colored, pearls are your best friend. Often, those with warm skin color prefer yellow gold. If your skin color is cool, silver and white gold jewelry is more likely to go in your colors. In this case, the gray, white, metallic, and blue glitter will complement the cool look of silver jewelry. Think of anything that seems a bit icy. Sun Necklaces: The shape of the sun is very popular in Korean jewelry fashion. Not only does this symbol look beautiful, and it creates beautiful accessories that can be styled in many ways, but they also mean a lot. Another popular piece of jewelry is the sun and moon necklace. The solar symbol is often used in jewelry, but it makes a beautiful piece of jewelry when applied to the lunar shape. A sun necklace can be a wonderful addition to any outfit, and it looks great when you wear it around your neck. It goes well with various outfits and has a simple but elegant design that will set you apart from the crowd. The perfect gift to give to a particular person to tell you how they shine like the sun for you. Hook earrings: Hook earrings are one of the most popular latest Korean trends. They look classy and are a great choice to complement your outfit whether you are going to a party or any other event. This type of jewelry is available in metals like gold, silver, and others with a range of beautiful designs. These are a new and unusual style of earrings that gives a distinctive shape without the need for multiple piercings. This unique earring style is named Hook because it looks like a hook over the ear when worn - just think of them as a long-braided earring. Butterfly Jewelry: Animals are the most used symbols in Korean jewelry. So, to be specific, the butterfly is a famous and beloved animal figure for fashion jewelry and art. Butterfly-themed jewelry is the choice of every woman every year. The popularity of this type of jewelry, especially with females, has been steadily rising since time immemorial. This is reflected in some artistic illustrations and butterfly imagery. Whether you choose to wear your pretty butterflies on your neck or fingers, you will be surprised to know that butterfly silver sterling jewelry is designed for every event. Butterfly jewelry looks beautiful with any outfit. Simple Dimond Jewelry: Diamond is the most timeless piece of Korean jewelry you can wear. Mostly, you can never go wrong with them. They are class, sophistication, and refinement. Diamond jewelry is perfect with simple, tasteful pairs and adds elegance to a more modern look. You may be accustomed to wearing diamond necklaces, earrings, or even rings. But sometimes, you just need a simple diamond bracelet. It can change an everyday glimpse into something special. Or add a simple grace to your evening dress. There are several ways to combine diamond bracelets with your wardrobe for any occasion. Funky Jewelry: Last but not least, funky jewelry is the new emerging trend of Korean fashion jewelry. This type of jewelry looks beautiful with casual outfits and fancy ones. Jewelry sets with designs like flowers, fur, cheetah prints, zebra prints give a fabulous look. It is also available in a range of colors such as red, black, blue, orange, yellow, green, and others. So to look trendy, include the funky charms in your jewelry collection. Long Galaxy Star Gold Earrings: These Korean-style earrings are also referred to as threader earrings. Long earrings are made of gold, and the design is influenced by the current Chinese style and the piece's quality. It can be worn with a single or double piercing. The dangling star looks trendy and can be in any color which goes with your outfit. There is no other earing style in the Korean trend that can be made in the form of a chain.
David Webb: A Self Taught Jeweller
David Webb: A Self Taught Jeweller Born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1925, David Webb was a self-taught jewelry designer. His works mostly included dragon bracelets, Maltese cross brooches, and animal motifs. David Webb Jewelry and his artworks were loved by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor, and his work is still instantly recognizable today. Today David Webb jewelry auction is held on big auction sites. The suffering picture of David Webb is inherently attached to his rising to notoriety in the midst of the allure of mid-1960's America, obviously, the story began a whole lot sooner than that. David Webb was brought into the world in 1925 in Asheville, North Carolina, and got his beginning as a student in a silversmith's shop having a place with his uncle, prior to moving to New York where he worked fixing gems in Greenwich Village. David Webb jewelry for sale is available online on the auction platforms like Bidsquare. It was not some time before Webb's regular appeal and ability carried him to the consideration of New York's social-first class and, with the support of the well-off supporter Antoinette Quilleret, he was at last ready to open his own shop in 1945. His juvenile business immediately met with sufficient achievement that he had the option to purchase out Quilleret right away subsequently, setting up David Webb Inc. in 1948. Webb's self-trained style overflowed with thoughts gathered from years spent poring over old gems from Greece, Mesopotamia, and Central and South America, just as conventional adornments styles from China and India. Obviously, plan drifts nearer to home additionally had their part to play in his turn of events. The direction of American and European adornments over his early stages can be extensively portrayed as a swing away from the theoretical math of Art Deco towards more overflowing, non-literal subjects from the regular world. This development was supported by such industry titans as Cartier, where the persuasive association of innovative chief Jeanne Toussaint and architect Peter Lemarchand brought about all ways of creature themes, finishing in Cartier's acclaimed 'Huge Cat' gems of the last part of the 1940s onwards. The impact was certain - in the most natural-sounding way for Webb, 'everything was brought into the world from the impact of Toussaint, normally, she propelled we all'. David Webb Auction today is a result of his talent. Webb's gems were normal profound replacements to both Cartier's metaphorical gems and their previous Indian-impacted 'Tutti Frutti' style of the mid-1920s, yet it was Webb's own visionary twist on these themes that impelled his firm to progress. His plans established a connection with probably the most persuasive adornments gatherers of the period, maybe most conspicuously Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929-1994). His status as the pre-prominent American gem dealer was cleverly perceived by the First Lady, who charged him to make a progression of paperweights including an assortment of American minerals to be introduced to visiting heads of state. Ruler Hassan of Morocco, for instance, was given a gold figure of an American Eagle inset with an American topaz on a state visit in March 1963. Another piece, that stayed in the assortment of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and was sold in 1996 especially epitomizes the glow of Webb's relationship with his marvelous benefactor. It's anything but a Cellini-Esque coral paperweight. The buff-hued coral was of nostalgic importance – it had been initially introduced to President Kennedy as a blessing, as it started from Kasolo Island in the Solomon Islands, where he had been wrecked in 1943. Webb was endowed by Jacqueline Kennedy, to improve her late spouse's coral in 1966, utilizing it to frame the fishtail of regularly creative legendary ocean lion, cast in gold, which he settled upon a bigger part of coral among a bed of brilliant precious stones to shape the paperweight. Webb's creature-themed gems were a specific top choice among an abundance of well-known customers, for instance, the Duke of Windsor, who purchased a plated frog bangle as an unexpected present for his significant other in March 1964. The piece was without a doubt generally welcomed, as Webb is said to have followed up the buy with a coordinating pair of ear cuts, which he gave as a blessing straightforwardly to the Duchess herself. He additionally tracked down a continuing in Hollywood: his delusion bangles, themselves an enthusiastic reexamination of comparative customary Indian gems plans and later forms via Cartier, joined the zoo of Elizabeth Taylor, and some of his other striking plans likewise discovered their direction into the assortments of stars like Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, and Merle Oberon. A definitive underwriting came from the incomparable authority of groundbreaking design of the period – the whimsical manager of Harper's Bazaar Diana Vreeland, who prized a significantly striped polish bangle displayed as a zebra, Webb's own embraced image. This wonderful vocation was grievously stopped – David Webb kicked the bucket of pancreatic disease in 1975, at the time of only 50. Regardless of this overwhelming misfortune, the organization has kept, creating gems amazingly with regards to the soul, creative mind, and quality that characterized Webb's suffering style, still from the workshop over his leader store neglecting the clamor of New York's Madison Avenue.
6 Things to check before Buying Jewellery Online
The online jewellery market is flourishing at a rapid rate. You can find almost every type of jewellery online. From valuable stones like diamonds to precious metals like platinum, all are available in zillion designs at an Online Jewellery Store in India. No doubt purchasing this expensive jewellery leave a dent in your pocket, so you should be double sure that the money is going in the right hands before making a purchase. In this era where online frauds are constantly increasing, it's better to be safe than sorry. That's why we made you a list of six things you should check before buying any kind of jewellery online. Let's get started. 1. Brand reliability Don't fall into the traps of hefty discounts. Always buy jewellery from a trusted brand. But how can you find out if the brand is reliable? Check the online reviews on the website and other platforms as well. Read some news related to the brand. The user interface of the website can also say a lot. Well-established brands have a user-friendly interface due to numerous feedbacks and updates. You can always ask for referrals from your friends and family who have experience in online jewellery shopping. Check the reliability of popular brands too. 2. Pricing It doesn't matter if you are a first-timer or buying jewellery for the hundredth time. The price of jewellery keeps on changing. Every piece of jewellery is unique, so you cannot compare the price with other online jewellery stores. But you can always cross-check it by going through the information of the product. It contains details about the metal weight, precious stone weight, their cost, making charges etc. You can cross-check it with the rates declared by the jewellery associations, compare the making charges with other products of the store and of course, discounts. During festival seasons, you can purchase your favourite jewellery at a heavy discount. 3. Purity Nobody likes to buy an artificial piece of jewellery at a rate of original. That's why the government has made so many rules, identification marks, and certifications. Before making any purchase, always check these things. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a government agency responsible for certifying and hallmarking gold and silver jewellery. For diamond jewellery, you can check for certifications issued by GIA, INGEMCO, AGS, HRD, or other reputable organizations. Always buy your jewellery from a genuine platform that follows all government rules. Hallmarks and certifications are a symbol of the quality and purity of jewellery. 4. Return and exchange policy Suppose you want to return or exchange the jewellery after purchasing it. You got the wrong size, it doesn't look good on you, you received a damaged product, or it's too different from what you have expected. No matter what the reason is, your return experience should be hassle-free which you can ensure by reading the return and exchange policy before making the purchase. Every jewellery store goes through a different process while returning the product. The time period, refund policy, terms and conditions for successful return may vary from company to company. That's why it's a must to go through the policies before purchasing. 5. Delivery No purchase is complete until the product reaches your doorsteps and you have cross-checked it. Insured delivery is as important as any other part of the purchasing process. Delivery policies differ from company to company. Some may take 2–3 business days, while some may take even more. Custom jewellery takes the most time to deliver. Most jewellery stores offer a tracking ID so that you can track your order either from the official website or any other third-party company that has the responsibility of the safe delivery of your jewellery. Always buy jewellery with an insured delivery policy. 6. Secure payment While the shopping is done online, the payment will also be made online. Making an online payment is as risky as it sounds. That's why you should always check for a secure payment connection. There are many options available to make the payment. You can use your credit card, debit card, net banking, and many jewellery stores also offer cash on delivery. EMI options are also available. Whether the payment is small or big, make the payment with SSL encryption only so that your banking information will be safe and secure. Other than these, make sure you receive a proper invoice with detailed information about the charges. Check the jewellery after you receive it for proper sizing, damage, any dissimilarity in colour or design from the product you ordered, etc. Jewellery is close to our hearts, but these little precautions will save us from a nightmare. With these simple steps, you can enjoy your shopping experience without any worry. Follow these easy guidelines and you are all set to explore that perfect piece of jewellery. Happy Shopping!
Se você está procurando Curso De Micropigmentação Fio A Fio Em Porto Alegre, você está no lugar certo! Eu mesma procurei por isso quando estava querendo também me profissionalizar aqui na cidade. Primeiro, deixe-me apresentar-me, sou Valéria, tenho 39 anos, casada, mãe de 2 filhos. Eu fui convidada pelo autor desse blog para contar um pouco da minha história. Assim como muitas de vocês, eu já trabalhei em várias empresas como secretária, atendente, conferente, etc. Mas, devido à crise que assola nosso país até hoje, eu fiquei desempregada. Imagino que você pesquisou por Curso De Micropigmentação Fio A Fio Em Porto Alegre, pelo mesmo motivo que eu: queria fazer uma grana extra antes que acabasse todas as economias e também para abrir um novo leque, aprendendo uma nova profissão. Pois é, acho que perdi muito tempo antes de procurar por Curso De Micropigmentação Fio A Fio Em Porto Alegre. Assim que saí da minha última empresa, fiquei focada em procurar outro emprego, em entregar currículos e participar de entrevistas. Mas aí foi quando uma amiga minha falou de um curso que ela estava fazendo na área de micropigmentação de sobrancelhas. Eu não dei muita importância e continuei procurando meu emprego. Foi aí que, depois de alguns meses, Jaqueline (essa minha amiga) me ligou, felicíssima, dizendo que tinha fechado 3 clientes para fazer um microblading. Cada cliente pagaria R$ 500 pelo serviço! E tudo isso em uma única semana, um mês após ter concluído o curso e feito as aulas práticas! Eu fiquei espantada e perguntei à ela (com mais curiosidade que antes) como ela conseguiu isso. Ela disse que tinha descoberto um  Curso de Microblading Online, ministrado pela professora Wendy Brasil, do Instituto Wendy Brasil. Ela disse que os cursos presenciais nessa área, aqui na nossa cidade, custavam em torno de R$ 3.500,00. Como ela estava desprovida de grana, ela optou por fazer o curso online mesmo… Aqui nesse link você pode entender mais sobre a diferença entre o Microblading e a Micropigmentação. Além disso, ela me falou que o acesso ao curso em vídeos era vitalício e ainda dava Certificado! Além do mais, eu não precisaria me deslocar da minha casa para fazer o curso (que já gerava outra economia no bolso). Então resolvi me inscrever.
Joshua Kodner Auctioneers Gemologists Appraisers
Joshua Kodner is an examination and closeout shop situated in Dania Beach, Florida. Having some expertise in novel craftsmanship properties, pearls, gems, and collectibles, everything is cautiously curated dependent on its one-of-a-kind quality and by and large worth. There are exceptionally enormous display barters, giving numerous helpful approaches to take part from anyplace outside of Dania Beach. Basically, leave a truant bid with the exhibition, call Joshua Kodner’s agents during the closeout to put a bid, or simply take part in one of our few web-based offering stages. The Kodner family has offered a practice of greatness in the realm of diamonds, collectibles, and sales since first entering the business during the 1940s. Presently in the fourth era, Joshua Kodner is advancing his family's inheritance with his brilliant accreditations, master information, and scrupulousness. With information and aptitude in various forte regions, Joshua is a fourth-age gemologist, affirmed appraiser, and authorized barker. Our staff is comprised of guaranteed gemologists and appraisers, who have made this shop sales management firm wake up with a trace of New York style. Neon Paraiba Tourmaline The striking shade of Paraiba stones separates them. Their shading comes from a lot of manganese and copper, which together go about as a shading specialist. The accessible neon blue paraiba tourmaline (guaranteed by AGL and Gubelin Lab) weighs 4.86 carats. Jewels encompass the diamond on the platinum ring. Kodner auctions have a huge range of such other auctions. A work of art from Pakistani-American craftsman Jamali is on offer also. His Expressionist artistic creations give the watcher a feeling of magic. Jamali frequently layers beautiful shades on material and plug. The accessible piece portrays a lady from the side. She looks up while getting one arm over her body. Albert Huie and Vangelis Renas likewise have craftsmanships addressed in the bartering list. Pictures of Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando by DeVon are significant too. Winter Wonderland Sale The canvas includes a huge scope blanketed white iris outlined against a green foundation. Nesbitt, an observed American craftsman, was related to the Photorealist and Pop Art developments. While he painted various subjects, from Manhattan scaffolds and studio insides to vegetables and pieces of clothing, it was his gigantic pictures of blossoms that acquired the craftsman ubiquity. In 1980, the United States Postal Service gave four stamps of his blossom canvases. Dispatched in 1998, Tiffany Victoria was propelled by Tiffany's precious stone focal point from the 1889 Exposition Universelle, held in Paris. Customarily, the style highlights marquise jewels set in a botanical example. A Tiffany and Co. Tsarina accessory with the Victoria bloom themes is a main part in the live occasion. The accessory provisions the blossoms set between columns of round, splendid cut jewels and emeralds in a yellow gold setting. Decorative Art David Burliuk was a Russian Futurism painter from Ukraine, most popular for his impact on Modernism toward the beginning of the twentieth century. He was globally known as the "Father of Futurism." Burliuk's work frequently showed his interest in the plans of Scythian culture and Ukrainian legends. Another top part of the sale is a three-piece Togo couch by Ligne Roset. Antoine Roset and his child Emile originally established the organization in 1860 as an independent venture in Montagnier, France. From its foundation to date, Ligne Roset has been known for its reasonable plans and top caliber. The included Togo couch was dispatched in 1973. An Eames relax seat by Herman Miller, a few classical expressions, theoretical artistic creations, and adornments pieces will be highlighted too. One can see the auctions this week by visiting the auction calendar page of auctiondaily. Media Source: AuctionDaily
The Loft labo の国産ダウン
ダウンと言えばヨーロッパブランド、スポーツブランド、ユニクロ、ときて最近はどのアパレルブランドでも出したりしてますが、MADE IN JAPAN表記は滅多に見ないと思います。 この The Loft は今年の秋冬からスタートしたばかりのブランドで、大阪のBISHOPが企画して、NANGAという滋賀県のダウンメーカーで製造しているとか。知りませんでしたが日本にもダウン製品のメーカーってあるんですね。NANGAは目黒にショップがあって登山家向けのシュラフなどを販売しているようです。 ということで本格的なウェアがタウンユース向けにデザインされた、ということみたいです。まずシルエットが綺麗で、シンプルだけどティティールが凝っている印象です。ヨーロッパブランドのよくあるタイプと比較して、スッキリしているけどこだわりだらけでとても「日本ぽい」感じがします。なんだろうなこの感じ。 さて、今年はウール素材のダウンベストが欲しいと思って探している中で、このNOOKというモデルのシャンブレー素材ものを見つけました。残念ながらベストではないので購入は見送る予定ですが、来年再来年にどんなモデルが出てくるかチェックしなければと思わせられました。ちなみにメンズレディースの区別はなさそうで、サイズ0〜1くらいが女性向けだと思われます。 このNOOKは5色展開で、この色だけがシャンブレーですがあとはマットなナイロンでそれも悪くありません。こだわりポイントの説明やカラー・価格はこのプロダクトページで確認してください。 The Loft labo TL15FJK3 NOOK ちなみにキルティングが内側になっているこのWIISというモデルも気になってるんですよねー。シルエットが気になる。これは公式の紺色の写真だとマッキントッシュのゴム引きコートみたいな質感に見えていい感じです。 The Loft labo TL15FJK4 WIIS The Loft labo ほかにも数モデル出てますよ。どれも今までのダウンとは少しだけ違う雰囲気があります。
How to Care for Your Bridal Jewelry
We know how important and close to your heart your bridal fashion jewelry is. After all, it is not every day that you get married, right? So, why not take care of your jewelry and give it the importance it deserves. Today, we will be discussing some tips and tricks through which you can maintain your jewelry and make it stay shiny and new for longer. Best of all, all the tips are very easy to do at home and you don’t even need to go out of the comfort of your house. Tips and Tricks Never immerse your jewelry in any kind of liquid. Here, we are talking about all the jewelry and no specific one. Even though gold and diamond are not affected by water, they do lose their glow and charm if immersed in water. Don’t keep your jewelry in a moist place. Moisture never does well for it and only ends up ruining the look of it. Even though we have heard it a lot that rubbing your diamond jewelry with a little toothpaste will make it shine again. NEVER attempt this. It does not make a difference and only makes it lose the shine. If you want to clean stones, you can use an ammonia-free glass cleaner to do the trick. Spray a little amount on a clean, cotton cloth and with gentle strokes rub it over the stones. Even though it has been said a thousand times and you must have already heard about it, we cannot stress on how important and overlooked this point is. Usually, when you are all ready for a party, what is the last thing you do before running out of the door? Yes, perfume! You can’t do without it. You pick a perfume and spray it. BE CAUTIOUS. Never spray directly on your jewelry. It can not only cause dullness but also make the jewelry black. No one would want that, right? Don’t put them in plastic. At times, we keep our earrings and rings in small plastic bags. This can be dangerous for the jewelry as moisture gets trapped. This causes dullness and makes even new jewelry look old. Lastly, take care that you don’t put one piece on top of the other. It makes the stones come out and even cause scratches on the jewelry.
そもそもは氷を運ぶために作られたという丈夫なキャンバストートの代名詞、LLビーンの通称”ビーン・トート”。 これがアメリカの公式サイト限定で、カスタマイズができて日本へ発送可能なことを知らない人がけっこういるので、こっそりその方法を教えちゃいます。 まず、URLはココ。 トップからだと、"Luggage">"Tote Bags">"Custom Boat and Tote Bag" (そう、ビーントートの正式名は"Boat and Tote Bag"!) 遷移後も表示されるまで、少し時間が掛かるのは仕様みたいです。あと、今日時点でスマートフォンからだと「unavailable」らしいので、PCからの操作が必須みない。あしからず。 カスタマイズできるのは、上から順に... ◆ボディサイズ(S,M,L,XL) SかMが無難かと。LとXLは大きくていっぱい入るけど、とにかく丈夫だから重くなって持てなくなりますぜ(笑)。車移動じゃないとあまり現実的じゃないかと。 ◆ハンドル長さ(レギュラー,ロング)個人的には絶対にレギュラー。ロングにした途端に”っぽく”なくなる(笑) ◆ボディカラー(現時点で15色)◆ハンドルカラー(現時点で14色) ◆ボトムカラー(現時点で14色)色々試してみるんだけど、結局は無難な方向へ落ち着いちゃうんですよね。オススメは上の画像で紹介したボディとハンドルとボトムの色を揃える”ソリッド系”。 ◆ZIPトップの有無(追加は10ドルで14色)あると便利なんだろうけど、ロングのハンドルと同じで、”っぽく”なくなると思う ◆外側のポケットの有無(追加は5ドルで14色) 上の画像ではないけど、これは絶対あった方が良いです。色もボディカラーと揃えるのが間違いない。 ここまで、終わると右下に合計金額が表示される。基本価格はサイズ次第で、ZIPトップと外ポケットだけが有料なので、分かりやすいはず。基本的には左のイメージ図で選んだ通りに確認できるけど、ボディサイズだけはスモールのサンプルしかないみたいなのでそこは注意をば。 最後に"ADD TO BAG"をクリックした上で、"CHECK OUT"を選択して、カード決済かPaypal決済をする。もしイニシャル等を入れるなら"Add a Monogram"にチェックを入れると、次の画面でイニシャル等の文字も入れられる(有料)。 で、最大のポイントがShipping(配送)。詳細はココに書いてある通り。まず金額に応じて5段階(600ドルまでの場合)、通常便(2-4週間)か特急便(1-2週間)で2段階。50ドル以下の通常便だと20ドル、450.01-600ドルの特急便だと125ドル。当然だけど、けっこうな送料がかかるので、お友達やご家族を”お誘い合わせの上”な方がお得なのは間違いない。 でも例えば、スモールのポケット有が44.95ドルでこれを3つ買うと、送料込で約170ドルだから、1つあたり57ドル弱なので日本で売られているノーマルのとほぼ同じという...(笑)